Cold war sites and structures in the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man used for the control and protection (directly or indirectly) of civilians in an emergency situation (1945 to date) – a gazetteer


By Bill Ridgeway (


The primary purpose of the Gazetteer is to enable the location of sites and structures (extant and demolished) by grid reference, location, post town, postcode, county or country.  The secondary purpose of the gazetteer is to indicate the location of possible sites and structures in order to encourage further research.


The Gazetteer includes a far ranging collection of information.  I would suggest that, for convenience, you sort information the spreadsheet ‘Data’ by ‘Post Town’ or ‘Postcode’ or ‘County’ or ‘Function’ to bring together information you require.


Also available is The Paddock Information Collection – the most comprehensive source of information about PaddockClick here for more information.



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